The Steps in Heating Oil Delivery

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Heating oil is a common fuel source for many homes’ HVAC systems. It sits in a tank in the basement or other area of the property, and it needs to be refilled on a regular basis. This video explains the steps involved in heating oil delivery.

The first thing a delivery man or woman needs to do is find the property. You can’t deliver the oil if you aren’t at the house! Many modern oil companies outfit their delivery trucks with state-of-the-art GPS systems that allow the driver to punch in the address and get an exact route, along with a detailed description of the home.

Once the delivery driver gets to the address, they will identify the valve on the home that will take the oil. Usually, the connection is somewhere on the outside of the home, like an electric meter. There is a hose on the oil tanker, and the delivery person brings it to connect with the home.

The technician ensures a solid connection and waits by the valve the entire time the heating oil is being delivered. If anything goes wrong, there is a clicking alarm system that goes off. The driver can then close the valve to prevent messy accidents. For more information, check out the video above.