Which Type of Insulation Is Best for Your Home?

It’s not uncommon to find homeowners locked in a debate on what represents the better insulation material between roxul and fiberglass. To help homeowners understand the unique qualities of each material, three tests are carried out in this video.

A cutting test is first performed on both materials using an extended knife and a straight-edged ruler.

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Both materials exhibit no difference when cut with a knife. They both cut easily into desired shapes or sizes. No real difference in quality exists between fiberglass and roxul as it pertains to ease of cutting.

That said, when tested for water resistance, roxul insulation performs better than fiberglass insulation. Whereas roxul insulation stays firm after soaking up water and dries after a few days, pink fiberglass becomes weak and falls apart. Homeowners that are seeking insulation for areas in their home that are regularly exposed to water or rain.

Both materials were also tested for fire resistance using a flame source placed in proximity for ten seconds. Both materials were fire resistant. While roxul is more modern than fiberglass, little difference in functionality exists between them. Homeowners are better off paying attention to the areas in the home where they will be installed.