Understanding Keyless Entry Door Lock Installation

Safety should always be one of people’s top priorities. Many people to increase the safety of their homes have begun to move away from the traditional key lock to the more advanced keyless entry door lock that typically only requires a number combination to use. These drastically reduce the ease of access for any unintended guest. When considering installing a keyless entry door lock to your home, being mindful of the process makes the project simple.

Before you begin installing, be sure to have the right tools for the job. Most only require a screwdriver, a drill, and in some cases a chisel.

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If you don’t want to damage your frame too severely or just aren’t the greatest with home repair projects, ask your lock locksmith about their installation process.

Start by adding the mounting plate. Be sure to securely screw the plate to the door prior to adding the deadbolt setup. After it is secured and you have placed the deadbolt in its intended position, double-check to make sure the deadbolt aligns with your current setup. It may be necessary to adjust the hole in the doorframe if they don’t fit properly.

For additional information on keyless entry door lock installation, please review the attached video.