Aluminum Gutter Install Instructions

If you plan on doing a gutter install but you’re not sure how to start, watch this video for a step by step guide on an aluminum gutter installation.

You want to start by measuring the area where the gutter is going to be installed. These measurements are important for knowing how much to cut your gutters.

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Once you have it measured, you need to seal an end cap to one end of the gutter to stop the water from coming out of the end. Once you apply the sealer, you want to use a crimping tool to squeeze the end cap. This creates a little dimple that you need for the functionality of your gutter install.

Once you measure your gutter, you want to cut it with a saw to the specific measurements from earlier. Then you measure the gutter again to determine how wide to make it in order to allow expansion and contraction. Once you have these measurements, you seal the trough to the main piece of gutter. Then you’ll need to put an outlet in the trough to allow the water to run down into a downspout. For this you need to drill a hole into the trough with a circular hole saw.

Then all that is left is the actual gutter installation. During this last piece, you have to decide the correct height of the gutter to allow water to travel downwards. If you have any further questions or concerns, contact an expert for your gutter install needs.