How Helical Piers are Installed

Homeowners who notice a large crack in their house’s foundation must call a contractor that has experience with foundation repair. Their YouTube video, “How to Use Helical Piers,” explains the function of helical piers and how to use them. Helical piers are long metal tubes that brace and support cracked or damaged foundations.

Video Source

The video showed a house with a sizable crack in the cement of its foundation. Before repairing the foundation, the team dug up the earth around the home. They covered the ground with plywood to protect the homeowners’ land. They also used plywood to support the weight of the house while the foundation was repaired.

When the earth under the foundation was removed, the team could see the underside of the home. They inserted the helical piers – which resemble long, wide flutes. The piers were screwed into the earth under the foundation. A top plate capped the piers. Next, the team placed lift cylinders (used like a “jack” for the home.

Brackets are used to reinforce the job of the piers. The level of the home is checked. To finish the job, they use carbon steel staples across the crack. The last step is to seal it with caulking to improve the appearance of the home.