Hot Water Heater Repairs Can Keep Your Family Comfortable

Water heaters are an essential part of any home and making sure you are performing the right hot water heater repairs can make a big difference overall. Electric water heaters are standard in most homes and there are some typical repairs that are useful when it comes to keeping them running.

A water heater works with coils that are inside the tank that use electricity to heat up the water that is then pushed through your pipes.

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When you start a repair you first want to turn off your water heater. You can do this by flipping the breaker in your breaker box that runs the water heater, you can also unplug the water heater.

You then need to test the coils to see if they are working. In many cases when a water heater is not working, the main issue is that one or more of the coils are not heating properly. You can use a tester to find out if the coils are working. If you find that the elements are out, you then need to replace the elements that are not working. Make sure you drain your water heater before working on the elements.