The Benefits of a Thermal Insulation Cover

There is a product available that can make operating a water heater cheaper. Thermal insulation covers are designed to provide more efficiency and reduce the power necessary to run a water heater. They may be a good investment if you want to save money and reduce heat seepage from a water heater unit.

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According to the video, math equations can be used to calculate their overall savings.

Purchasing a Thermal Cover

Thermal covers are usually inexpensive and can be found at many big box retailers and home improvement stores. The initial investment may add to the unit operation cost, but it will eventually pay for itself over several months. The savings start stacking up in as little as one year and help reduce overall operating costs.

Installing a Thermal Cover

The installation process is pretty straightforward. There are some spacers to install before wrapping the insulation around the tank. This gap creates an air layer for more insulation capabilities. The insulation wrap is secured easily and taped into place.

Reducing energy usage and saving money is easier when installing a water heater thermal insulation cover. It’s also recommended that you reduce the water heater’s temperature to see even more savings throughout the year.