Should I Fix My Roof or Pay Off My Debt?

A leaky roof may seem like a small problem at first. However, it can quickly compound when more and more leaks start presenting themselves. Further, mold may start growing in your carpets. Next thing you know, you have a major problem on your hands. This is why you should call commercial roofers as soon as possible. In this video, you will see a caller debating between fixing his roof and paying off his debt.

Video Source

In this episode of the Ramsey Show, Jeremy called in about his leaky roof. Thankfully, the leak was only on his porch roof. However, the roof is so old that he is afraid that it will collapse any time. On the other hand, Jeremy also has a bunch of debt that he would like to pay off because the interest rate is extremely high.

Dave advises Jeremy to first fix the roof because it won’t be very expensive. It would also be much worse if it were to collapse and they don’t have the money to fix it. However, Jeremy should still do everything in his power to pay off the debt shortly after so that it stops accruing interest.