6 Tips For Servicing Your Own AC

AC units must be serviced regularly to boost their useful life and reduce energy consumption. More often than not, a homeowner will call an AC service to maintain their AC unit. But, there are several servicing elements that homeowners can do by themselves without hiring pros.

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How can homeowners service their own AC units?

According to the narrator, one of the AC services homeowners can do on their own is replacing the air filter, albeit they should ensure they get the right size. Another AC service a homeowner can do on their own is checking vents and confirming that nothing is blocking the airflow. Otherwise, their homes won’t be cooled or heated.

The third AC service homeowners can DIY is deep cleaning. They can remove any debris by hand or vacuum and hose down the condenser unit. Homeowners can also inspect the refrigerant lines on their own. They should check if all lines have insulation. Otherwise, they will leak.

Homeowners can also buy a fin comb to unbend the fins inside the condenser unit; the fins are a bit sharp, so gloves are necessary. Homeowners can check the evaporator drain to see if it’s clogged. If clogged, they can pour water inside and flush it after some time.