When should you have your ducts cleaned and why?

Every year, your house generates a significant amount of dust. This travels through your air ducts before circulating throughout your home in either chilly or warm air. This video explains why and when you need to have AC duct service to maintain good health and optimum safety, among other benefits.

No matter how regularly you clean, if there is mold in your furnace or air conditioning system, your home is dusty and you will need AC duct service. If you observe an increase in the expense of heating and/or cooling your home, you will need AC duct service.

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If your house is undergoing a significant renovation, it is brand new, or you have recently moved into a different place, you will need to have your AC ducts serviced to ensure everything is in working order.

When you get your AC ducts serviced, you may help reduce the amount of dirt in your home and other toxins as well as allergy or asthma symptoms. In addition to these benefits, it helps extend the life of your HVAC system, saves money on your monthly electricity bills, and keeps your household safe.