10 AC Problems You Can DIY

AC units are essential in homes, especially when there is extreme heat. These machines can run into problems forcing homeowners to call AC repair services. However, some of these problems homeowners can fix by themselves without calling a professional.

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This review will list ten AC problems homeowners can DIY.

1. A bad capacitor where the top of the capacitor typically pops off.
2. Leaking: homeowners can remove the drain line and clean it.
3. AC not turning on, which could be that the thermostat is turned down.
4. Tripped AC breaker: homeowners should reset the breaker.
5. Dirty condenser coil: homeowners should hose the AC to clean it.
6. Mouse damage: homeowners can check for chewed wiring.
7. Broken wires: homeowners can snip the fractured part.
8. Furnace switch: homeowners can flip it up to switch on their AC.
9. Blown fuses: homeowners should replace the blown fuses.
10. Plugged evaporator coil: homeowners can hose it down to clean it and replace the air filter.