Geothermal Heating Installation Hot to Install

This Old House presents a YouTube video on how to handle a geothermal heating installation.

This form of HVAC operation is different than a standard setup. This involves the pull of cold air into the heat pump.

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With the geothermal method, the air is taken from below the ground. This is actually a good thing.

Think about the difference in room temperatures over the summer. If you leave your AC off, rooms on the main and upper floors get warmer. Yet, it remains cooler in the basement. Since it’s below ground, the temperature tends to remain constant.

Usually, this is 55 degrees Fahrenheit. This is maintained year-round. Thus, when this air is used in geothermal heating, it quickly warms up. Thus, it saves money on electricity.

Watch this video before you consider geothermal heating installation. While it seems like a viable solution, your home may not be designed for it. You need to consult with an HVAC company and its engineers to determine if geothermal energy is feasible for your property.