An Inside Look at the Step-by-Step Indoor Pool Construction Process

An indoor pool is a great addition to a home for people of all ages. Retirees, toddlers, and family friends can all enjoy a communal space in the warmer months. New swimming pool construction is a length process that requires planning and measurement to install a pool everyone will be happy with.

The first step is preparing the ground for excavation.

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Grass and trees are removed and construction vehicles dispose of the displaced dirt as an outline of the pool’s dimensions are laid in the yard. This pit is then dug to the appropriate depths (taking shallow and deep ends into account) and filled in with stone that will rest the concrete and lining of the pool which is next installed.

Stairs and walls are then molded in concrete. When the interior of the pool is shaped, the deck is then constructed and often times landscaping will be added around the deck with a metal fence separating the pool area from the rest of the yard.

Finishing touches of paint are applied to the pool before it is filled with water. From start to finish, new swimming pool construction takes about three months of construction work even after the dimensions and location are agreed upon.