Tips for Sewage Line Repair

Video Source

Knowing a little bit of sewer line repair can be beneficial if there’s an emergency with your sewer system. This video shows how to repair a drainage pipe that was damaged during a landscaping project.

To mend the pipe, you need flex seal couplings, probably more than one. You’ll need plastic piping that fits the damaged pipe. You will also need a grinder. Clear the area around the pipe of dirt and debris so you can easily see what you’re doing as you work.

Cut off the rough edges of the rough pipe with a grinder. Make sure to wear safety glasses and work gloves. You will then fit the rubber flex seals on and measure the distance between the two openings to figure out how much pipe you will need.

Use a hacksaw to cut the piping down to size after you have measured and marked it. You can smooth the ends with sandpaper after cutting it. Then you fit the pipe into place with the rubber seals.

Tighten up the clips around the seals so the plastic piping fits nice and snug. Then refill your hold with soil first, then gravel around the pipe, and a final layer of dirt and soil on top.

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