How Lead Removal Services Work Safely

The U.S. government has legislation in place that requires lead removal services, especially in areas where lead paint and other lead-based products have been knowingly used. Buildings constructed before lead paint became illegal are required to disclose this information to tenants and owners.

Video Source

This video goes over how lead removal services work safely.

Lead paint is known to chip, which makes abatement difficult and hazardous. Proper ventilation is necessary for lead removal services to keep their employees safe. Lead is hazardous whether it’s been inhaled, ingested, or even just made contact with skin.

Proper safety apparel is necessary when completing lead removal services. This ensures that all contact with lead materials is avoided. A complete abatement requires that the space is thoroughly addressed. Because lead paint can break down, it’s necessary to double and even triple-check that all surfaces in the space have been cleaned.

Lead paint and other lead-based products must be disposed of carefully. This disposal process keeps both the workers and the community safe from contact with the lead. Professional lead removal services know how to complete this safely and within the local and federal legislation requirements.