How to Put in Fence Posts

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Installing wood fences can give your house and yard a classic and clean look. This article explains how to install fence posts so your fence remains sturdy for the long term.

Set up masons lines with strings and wooden stakes to map out the perimeter of the fence. At regular intervals, hammer the stakes into the ground so you can easily follow along.

It’s recommended to use a power auger or fence post digger to hurry the job along and minimize the amount of manual digging you need to do. This equipment is available to rent at your local hardware store.

Make sure you know where the frost line is so you can set the post at least six inches under it. Make the diameter of the hole at least four inches wider than the post to accommodate your concrete base.

Remove obstructions to the fence post with clam hole diggers. When the hole is deep enough, pour in four inches of gravel for the base and tamp it down with the fence post. Attach a length of wood to the post and support braces to hold the post upright. Use a level to ensure the post is straight.

Mix cement and shovel it into the hole for a solidified base, again using a level to ensure the post sets nice and straight. Then you sit and wait for it to dry, and you can begin installing the rest of your fence.

Follow along to the video above for visual instruction. Happy digging!