Inside Look at Foundation Repair

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This article will break down the steps of foundation repair so you can understand what needs to be done if you’re having foundational problems.

Step 1: Prep

The first step in foundation repair is to set up wood planks and other barriers between the site of the work and the rest of the lawn. This prevents unnecessary damage to your lawn. Precautions are taken inside the home, too.

Step 2: Excavation

To begin excavating, pier holes are dug about six feet apart. These holes are right under load-bearing beams of the home. Pier locations in driveways, walkways, and porches grant access for a breakout under the beams.

Step 3: Ramming

Large concrete cylinders are put into each hole by hydraulic machines. When the cylinders can’t be rammed in, anymore, the process stops and the house starts to lift.

Step4: Leveling

To raise the house to a level plane, 20-ton bottle jacks are used to achieve the desired elevation. Concrete blocks and steel shims are used to stabilize the foundation’s slab.

Finally, all the dirt is backfilled into the site, decking is put back in, and excess concrete and dirt are removed. A good crew will leave the home in the same condition they left it, so do your homework before hiring.