A Day in the Life of a Tree Service Company

You may wonder what exactly a tree service entails. The truth is that there are so many facets of tree service and many arborists are trained in a huge variety of tasks. No two days in the tree service industry are alike.

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This video explores just one of them.

Arborists do all sorts of work on yards for homes, businesses, parks, and public spaces. They are usually responsible for maintaining all the trees on a property and this includes jobs like trimming overgrown trees or cutting down dead ones. This video explores a few different jobs expected of tree service workers. While every laborer in this video has a different task delegated to them, most arborists are trained in all of these areas. It just helps for efficiency’s sake to smooth out the process by assigning certain tasks to certain people. This helps the process move along faster and easier, and allows the team to cover more ground throughout the course of a workday.

Watch this video to learn more about some of the responsibilities and skills of a tree service worker. You’re guaranteed to not only gain some knowledge but a deeper appreciation for the job!