How a Concrete Pumper Works

In this video, you will get to see the process of creating the foundation of a house by pouring the concrete into its piers and footers. The process was done using a concrete pumper truck, an incredible machine that moves the concrete through the hoses to the house footers. Since the concrete has to be transported long ways through this hose to get it in the holes for the deck piers, the pumper uses a remote control with instructions for pump horn and stroke change.

Video Source

Like a TV remote, this remote control helps automate the flowing process of the concrete. The pipes go through as much as twenty-five hundred pounds of pressure when transporting the concrete. To help hold the pipes together, a clamp system is used to stabilize the pipes through the process. Before the concrete in the mixer is poured into the pump, it’s primed with a slurry mix like grease. This causes a super-slippery effect that helps the concrete go through without sticking and easily flowing.
The pumping process of the concrete through the pipes is quite mesmerizing and exciting to watch. Be sure to keep watching till the end, as you follow the pipes filling up the house foundation.