Basics of Epoxy Flooring

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The first step is to grind the sealant off the concrete. You can use weights on the grinder to give it your power and throw sand on the floor to stop the sealant from adhering to the concrete.

Next, mix the epoxy grinder. You want to get 100% solid-based epoxy, and measure the floor to ratio the volume of the epoxy to the floor. Then you “broadcast chips”. Broadcasting chips is the process of throwing the chips down to give the epoxy the vinyl finish.

Whe you have covered the floor completely and let the epoxy dry, go through and clean the excess chips off of the floor. You can use rakes and a leaf blower to get all of the excess off.

The next step is to add a polyaspartic urethane topcoat. Mix together and pour over the floor, using a scraper to spread it out.

If you’re looking for custom garage floors, going with a professional crew will give you higher quantity and quality for your flooring. The DIY kits just don’t offer the same amount of coatings necessary for the long term. Do your homework online, or get a referral from a loved on for a professional job.