How Can You Estimate the Cost of Your Bathroom Remodel

The Handyman Business is a supplementary channel to his bigger one The Handyman. This youtube channel is for viewers looking to get into self-employment/entrepreneurship of bathtub renovation companies.

In this video, Handyman talks about getting an estimate of a bathroom model by first talking about his experience and knowledge of knowing how each item costs to renovate and what he does not include in his pricing.

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As well as what he’ll remove and install back in upon renovation. He also explains in the video that he doesn’t supply things like tiles, but will install them if supplied by the customers.

With his expertise and years of experience. Customers can approach a handyman and he’ll not only tell you the cost but will explain in clear detail what he’s going to do and install in a bathroom during the renovation process. With the information that he provides customers can use what he teaches in this video and come up with their own estimates before approaching him or another contractor in the future.

With his well-informed, at times humorous, and short video. Handyman is a great source of information on how-to and helping customers with the cost of renovation to help them in the future.