How to Use a Continuous Hot Water System Efficiently

Are you considering switching from a traditional storage hot water system to a continuous hot water system? While continuous hot water systems have been around for a long time, they have only become efficient enough to attract the average homeowner in the past few years.

Although these systems are very easy to install, you might still need to contact a plumber to make sure they are installed as efficiently as possible. For example, the water heater you get should be designed with a certain flow rate in mind. The pipes you have running to it should be sized accordingly.

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If your pipes are too narrow, you’ll never have the amount of flow you need.

Additionally, you need to make sure you get the correct unit for the size of your home. If you need to run hot water to your kitchen, laundry room, and shower at the same time, for example, you’ll need a larger unit than someone who lives alone or doesn’t have a dishwasher or washing machine at home.

When in doubt, consult a licensed plumber before purchasing a continuous hot water system. They can help you make your new system work as well as possible.