The Most Common AC Problems

Are you a new homeowner? If you’re not used to owning your own home, you might still be getting used to all of the maintenance that large household appliances typically need. Air conditioning units, for example, require a fair amount of maintenance to work reliably.

In the video posted here, an AC repair professional details the most common air conditioner repair tasks he has had to perform for his clients. If you’re trying to troubleshoot your own air conditioner problems, the video can help you narrow down the most likely cause of the issue.

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For example, if your air conditioner seems to be working but it isn’t producing cold air, you are likely dealing with a refrigerant leak. Air conditioners aren’t supposed to leak any refrigerant because they are closed systems, so even if a repair technician refills the refrigerant, you will keep having problems unless you can find the leak in the system.

If your air conditioner isn’t blowing air throughout your house at all, you are likely dealing with a bad blower motor. These units can fail in a few ways. Sometimes just the capacitor fails and replacing it fixes the problem.

If you want to learn more about air conditioner repair, an HVAC repair technician can help.