How a Seawall Failing Can Impact Nearby Homes

If you have ever lived at the coast, you may have a vague idea of what a seawall is. A seawall is a vertical wall that protects coast dwellers from canals and the ocean bay. Ocean waves can be dangerous if not kept in check. These walls are the first line of defense against eroding impacts of strong waves. They serve the primary purpose of reducing sea wave energy to protect inhabitants and prevent property damage.

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Seawalls can also be riprap embankments that have the same purpose. Unlike vertical walls, these utilities are cheaper and more suitable for low-impact areas. This video shows the value of seawalls and why they are necessary.

A seawall failing can have drastic results. Remember that this is the first defense against strong currents and churning waves. Currents eat away the landscape over a period and can severely damage property when left unchecked. Seawalls provide an extra layer of protection against this danger. Nearby houses are also vulnerable when seawalls fail. Waves can cause flooding that may result in millions of dollars in damage. Seawalls are a necessary barrier against the unforgiving forces of nature. They are the most effective way to ensure you and your family stay protected.