Pros and Cons Brick Sealant

Bricks are fantastic for building homes, offices, and other amenities. They increase the value, add beauty, and store heat in a building. Often, questions arise, is it good to paint exterior bricks? Most people think they look good while painted, especially the old ones, but no, they should not be painted.

Let’s discuss why people should not paint exterior bricks.
#1. Painted bricks peel, fade and fall off
The painted bricks will look good for some time.

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However, they will start peeling and falling off after a few years, even if you used brick sealant. They harbor moisture and cause paint to bubble hence peeling away. Additionally, they fade over time and lose color. That means they need to be re-painted again to keep them looking good.
#2. Decrease the value of your building
Who wants to get a building that looks ugly because of faded paints? If a person wants to sell their property, it gets tricky to attract prospective buyers.

If people find it necessary to paint the bricks to improve their appearance, they can search for recommended products. They should consider the correct procedure to follow and do it under the right conditions. That will give the bricks a nice touch and make them new while maintaining their quality.