Bullet-Proof Windows, Do They Really Work?

When you hear the term “bullet-proof window,” your brain probably thinks of exactly that. A window that catches or repels a bullet mid-air is what people normally imagine when they buy bullet resistant commercial glass for their homes. However, how do you know that this is the truth? Can a piece of glass really be completely shatterproof, even from bullets? Well, plenty of people have this same question.

Video Source

This video shares the shattered truth about bullet resistant glass through many different tests and experiments with the material.

First of all, your bulletproof film is usually going to be about double the thickness of a regular window film. It is a vinyl sheet placed over your window, not the glass itself. As far as break-ins go, these combos of glass and vinyl are proactive in preventing home invasion from a weapon. However, the only thing that would stop a bullet is an incredibly thick piece of glass, think 1 or 2 inches, and “bulletproof” wrapping. Even so, this would only stop the bullet from a very low-caliber handgun. If you are investing in impenetrable glass purely for bullets, then you may want to think again.