The Correct Way to Prune Trees

Trees are an excellent decoration for your yard. They provide shade and natural greenery. However, if left untrimmed, they can easily get out of hand. In this video, you will learn how to trim a tree. You may also want to consider hiring a tree trimming service.

When you trim trees, you can remove unwanted growth and promote new growth. Generally, the best time to prune is during at the end of fall or beginning of spring.

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If you see any dead or diseased limbs, you should cut them off as soon as possible.

You will need several tools for this job. You need loppers, a pruning saw, and a pole for large branches. You also need scissor cut shears for pruning. If you have a choice, electric tools make the job faster and easier. Lastly, make sure that the tools are sharp for the best results.

To go up into the tree, you need a ladder, safety glasses, and a helmet. Once you are ready, remove any dead or diseased branches first. You want to identify leader branches and cut around them. Never remove more than 25% of the branches on a small tree and 10% of a large tree.