What Happens During a Cesspool Pump

If you are a homeowner, ensuring you schedule a routine septic pump is important to keep the systems running efficiently. Before you decide on the cesspool pumpers for your project, it’s helpful to know what to expect from the process.

Five Steps in Cleaning and Pumping of Septic Tank

1.Uncovering Septic Tank Access Lids Locate the tank, and dug the lid up. Remove the lid to clean the septic tank.

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2.Pumping Out the Septic Tank The next process is to clean the septic tank where all the solids, particles, sludge are removed. A high-power hose is connected to a vacuum truck, all the dirt and debris will be sucked out of the sewage tank.

3.Clean out the Septic Tank Interiors The hose pump remove a lot of the debris, but not all. Sometimes thick sludge and solids are stuck below the tank. To remove residual waste, water will be used to clean out the interior of the tank.

4.Visual Septic Tank InspectionsAfter pumping and cleaning of the septic tank, your technician will check the tank’s interior and exterior for any physical wear and tear. The inspection will also look at the baffles and dividing wall of your septic tank.

5.Closing and Covering Up of the Septic Tank
Once the inspection is done, the lid will be closed and covered back up. Lastly, professional cesspool pumpers can install a riser which makes it easy to access the septic tank in future maintenance.