Shed to Chicken Coop Build

In this video, you will learn about a shed with chicken coop. The video explains how to convert a plain shed into one that you can keep your chickens in. The main thing you want to keep in mind is air flow.

Video Source

Without air flow, your chickens might not be able to get adequate air. Temperature control is really important for chickens. In general, you don’t want it to be a complete closed shed unless it has electrical wiring in it. If it has electrical wiring where you could control the temperature, then you would want to install an air conditioning unit in order to control the temperature for the chickens. Using trasluent plastic seal is a good way to keep other creatures out of the coop while still getting airflow. You want to make sure your chickens can breathe, but you don’t want any predators to be able to get to them. The list of supplies is below the video if you were interested in purchasing any of it that he used. Having the chicken coop higher from the ground makes it hotter for the chickens, but they are better protected up there. You can follow these steps to have a strong build.