Experience a Day in the Life of a Pest Exterminator

Having pests in and around your home can raise stress levels to all-time highs. That’s where a pest extermination service comes in. Yet, what’s it like for the exterminator? The YouTube channel, Go-Forth Pest Control, shows viewers what working as a pest exterminator is like, and what it takes to get the job done.

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Getting up early for work gives the exterminator time to prepare for the day ahead. Equipment and schedules need to be checked, and chemicals filled. Summers are known to be much more work-intensive than the winter, and exterminators need to be prepared for the unexpected.

Extermination businesses offer various types of services for their customers. It can be basic, such as spraying the foundations of the house and basic living areas, all the way to treating the entire property, inside and out.

A good exterminator will need to deal with sales. However, most pest control services sell themselves, as exterminators are hired to solve a problem that needs addressing. It’s also important to make the customer feel comfortable with the proposed work. Exterminators have to go inside homes a lot, and ensuring customer comfort will enable better business in the long run.