Learn How to Fix the Most Common Types of Plumbing Leaks

This video discusses the most common types of plumbing leaks. It shows John Wood, a master plumber, discussing plumbing repair. While talking about common plumbing leaks, he also talks about the various types of plumbing joints.

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Joints in plumbing are connections between the pipes. It can be the same or different material.

An Iron Pipe Size (IPS) joint is one of the most common joints. It can be made of different materials, including iron or brass pipe. If you leak with this type of joint, you can seal it with Teflon tape, a nonstick sealing tape. You want to wrap the tape around three times. There is no need to wrap more tape than that. You can also use pipe thread sealant.

There is a compression joint. It uses a nut and ferrel system. When you slide the nut on a pipe followed by a ferrel, the ferrel gets crushed down to the pipe. It creates such a tight seal that you cannot repair it. You have to cut it away.