How to Use a Hose Clamp the Right Way

In this video, you will learn the correct way to use extra large hose clamps. An extra large hose clamp is a new type of clamp that is better suited to high temperatures. By using one, it can withstand high temperatures, such as cars and boats.

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You should never use these hose clamps on any type of vehicle. The reason is, it isn’t durable enough. The clamp can be really tight, but you might be using the wrong type of clamp. The only kind you should use on any type of engine is an extra large hose clamp. Old style hose clamps can’t adjust to the temperature. You will experience a lot of temperature fluctuation in the engine of a vehicle. If you are using an old style hose clamp, you may have to keep tightening it so that you don’t experience links. Using new extra large hose clamps, you will have a leak free connection and not have to worry about tightening and loosening the clamp to find the issue. When you install the clamp, it is worth your while to use the new extra large hose clamp so it ends up saving you time and money in the long run.