How Do Asphalt Pavers Work?

Re-paving a driveway, parking lot, or road is a big job. Luckily today, there are machines that can help. Asphalt pavers are huge machines that are commonly used to repair, replace, or create a paved surface, but they still require a knowledgeable operator.

First the operator will set the paving width which determines how large of an area will be covered at a time as well as the slope extensions if the area is not flat. They also adjust the auger height, feed sensors, and fill the auger chamber before they are ready to start paving.

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Now the asphalt paver is ready to go, but first, hot mix tac that bonds to layers of asphalt is placed on the area. After applying hot mix tac, the area is then cleaned and asphalt is ready to be applied.

When using the asphalt paver, the auger chamber is kept at least one-third full at all times to keep a constant amount of material flowing. Once the asphalt paver finishes laying the asphalt, large rolling machines are then used to pack it down flat, and then a new asphalt surface is ready.

With the help of a knowledgeable operator, asphalt pavers save time and money allowing more surfaces to be paved faster with less manpower.