2022 Kitchen Trends

Every year, new styles and trends for your home kitchen are constantly being born. Whether its chair design, kitchen cabinet design, or new technology, your kitchen always has the potential to be newer and more modern. With the upcoming spring season, you are probably thinking about cleaning your kitchen, but what about upgrading it at the same time? Take a look at the new kitchen design trends coming up this year in this video!

Two-toned kitchen are totally in this season, with lower cabinets and drawers being a darker, grounding color. This style is simple and modern, and you can find almost decor that would match perfectly.

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Open shelving is also coming back into style. Though it may seem inadequate due to having to dust dishware, it brings a sense of minimalism and simplicity to the space. Another popular trend is waterfall edges, or counters that continue down to the floor. These are usually put into islands, and provide a classy detail to a kitchen staple. Finally, blue is the biggest color in kitchen cabinet design right now. A soft seafoam or turquoise adds a pop of color to any kitchen.