Drywall Repair 101

Everyone has experienced it, the dreaded hole in the wall. Whether it be from an accidental bump, or nailing decor onto the walls, ever wal has had its share of damage. Many homeowners choose to cover these issues up until they are ready to sell their home, but what if your damage is in a very obvious place? Well, there are several ways to go about patching up your drywall. Holes big and small can be fixed using a variety of methods. This video shares 4 of the most popular approaches to drywall repair.

Drywall mud is the first vital tool for your wall repair. This will serve as your new wall material.

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For small holes, simply level the mud into the hole with a putty knife. Larger holes will require a drywall patch, which can be bought at any home improvement or construction store. Again simply spread the mud onto the wall with the putty knife, taking care of the other side of the drywall as well. Drywall saws and adhesive mesh tape are required for larger holes.