What to Look Out For When Looking for Residential Roofing Services

Since the average cost of a roof is $8,000, you want to make sure you are getting your money’s worth. You do not want to have to replace your roof just a few years later because your roofer used shoddy practices. Dmitry Lipinskiy from the popular YouTube channel Roofing Insights lists the warning signs of bad residential roofing services.

The first warning sign is if they do not have insurance or proof of insurance.

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Insurance not only protects the roofing contractor, but also protects you in case one of the workers gets injured on your property. Having insurance also proves that the contractor is committed to being in business for a long time.

Your home needs a permit in order for the roof to be replaced. Bad contractors will not pull permits, or apply for and get the proper permits for working on your home. Permit applications need to be reviewed before they are given out. A contractor not willing to even apply for a permit means there is something fishy going on.

Find out if roofers need to be licensed in your state. If so, check to see if your prospective roofer is licensed. Roofers can only be licensed after they go through a few days of training and pass tests each year.