When There is Damage to Your Home

The American dream…to own a home. It is a worthy investment, and our lives often revolve around our homes. When we are handed the keys to our home, we don’t dream of all of the possible damages that could occur or repairs that may need to happen. With 85% of current homes in our nation being built before 1980, the reality is damage will occur, whether large or small, and we will at some point have to spend money on repairing something in our home. It comes with the territory, and with living. Don’t let that scare you though! Most any part of a house can be repaired either on your own, or with the help of a professional. It is good to keep home damage repair in mind, so you can feel prepared if unexpected damage shows up. It comes in many forms, from a crayon on the wall to a devastating fire. Here are some common causes which lead to a need for home damage repair, and what you can do about it.

Termites feed on wood. So, yes, they enjoy snacking on the frame of a house, even the drywall. It is important to be aware of the signs of termites in your home, so you can catch them before the damage is out of control.

Termites make a clicking sound in your walls, thanks to the banging of their heads. Seriously. They are called soldier termites and bang their heads as a signal to their colony to alert them of danger. Kind of creepy to hear in your own house, but clever on behalf of the termites.

Did you know termites can fly? Seeing termites flying around your house is a sure sign you have an infestation. If you are concerned there may be an infestation already, give your walls a knock. If the termites have settled in well and enjoyed some munching, you will hear an unusual hollow or paper-thin sort of sound within the walls. This means they have been busy hollowing out the wood, and repair needs to happen as soon as possible.

You may even find unusual droppings around the house. Chances are you may not recognize termite droppings, so always call in a professional to check it out. A pest control specialist will be able to tell for certain if you have termites, assess the situation, and discuss your home damage repair options.

When Paint Needs Attention

Exterior Paint

If the outside of your home is painted, rather than covered with siding, chances are at some point paint damage repair will be necessary. A painted exterior on a house is usually in need of a fresh paint job about every 5 – 10 years, depending on the environment the house lives in. You will know it is time when the paint starts to peel. With some research you may be able to do this on your own, if you are physically able. If not, there are painting professionals who can do the painting for you.

Sometimes before the paint on your house is still looking new, and not nearing the peeling stage, it may get damaged by severe weather, and accident, or worse, fire. In that case, you will need to repaint sooner, or touch up a small area if possible.

Interior Paint

Paint is a wonderful way to freshen up a room or create a whole new space. We live in our homes, so sometimes touching up our walls is a part of the home damage repair routine. Whether simply painting due to damage or because you just want a new, clean look, painting is often a part of life in home ownership.

Fire Damage Repair

As a homeowner you undoubtedly have home insurance coverage in case of a fire. You also, like all of us, hope to never have to use it. Unfortunately, fire does happen. And when it does, the damage can be devastating. After a fire in your home, the last thing you’ll be concerned with is the actual house, but what you lost inside of it, such as pictures and memories. Still…if the home can be saved, you will want to save it. Even the smallest of fires may require a fire damage restoration specialist.

Fire damage restoration consists of assessing the damage, and trying to prevent further damage from happening. During a fire, the burning of the property is the obvious damage. Beyond that is the incredible smoke damage, and water damage from putting out the fire. It is, of course, necessary in stopping the flames, but unfortunately adds to the severe damage and need for home fire damage repair.

After assessing the fire damage on your home, the restoration specialists will be able to let you know if the home is worth saving, or if you will have to rebuild. If it is salvageable, your fire restoration specialist will begin the process of restoring your home. This will require many different professionals since fire, smoke, and water can damage so much, so quickly. The goal of this team of workers will be to get you and your family safely back into your home as soon as possible.

The Storms of Life

Storms happen, and usually we just sleep right through them. But once in a while one strikes and leaves us in need of home damage repair. High winds, lightning, heavy rains, and hail can take its toll on the strongest of homes. When damage is bad enough, you may need to call in storm damage services. They are professionals and can help you in dealing with your insurance, and getting the repairs done correctly.

High winds and hail can do a number on roofs and siding, decks, sheds, even your boat dock, and there is not much we can do to prevent it. Damage can be minimal or severe, but either way it cannot be ignored. A small amount of damage to your roof or siding left untreated can lead to further damage quickly. Your roof and siding are needed to protect your home.

Lightning can spark a fire or cause a tree to fall and cause damage. Heavy rains, if bad enough lead to flooding. If you are in a flood zone, this can mean damage to your home, and sadly many of your belongings. Residential water damage repair is essential as soon as possible after flooding in your home. As water sits it only gets worse, causing more and more damage to everything it touches in your home. Repair is possible though, and hopefully you can salvage as much as possible before too much water damage.

Salvaging Wood Floors

Wood floor repairs are always worth it. Who doesn’t love the beauty of wood? Even when wooden floors are old and worn out, they often look even more warm and inviting with time. But what about when they get damaged? They certainly can through the trials of life. Scratches, age, water damage, can all be a part of the need for home damage repair on your wood floors.

Depending on the look you want in your home, and how severe the damage to your wooden floors is, will determine how much work needs to be done to bring them back to life. A small scratch might be taken care of with a simple wood floor scratch repair kit from your local hardware store. Worse damage like a serious scratching or cracks, or simply years and years of wear, calls for a full refinishing of your wood floors. The good news is wood stands the test of time, and wood floor repairs to refinish what you already have will often be all that is needed.

Doors and Windows

When dealing with home damage repair, two things that thankfully don’t need replacement often, but will eventually, are doors and windows. When a home is built, if a high quality, rock-solid door is put in place, door replacement will be low on your list. Instead, you may just have to freshen it up at times with a new stain or paint. If for some reason a door is damaged, it is an easy fix to replace it with a new one. You can do this yourself with proper measurements and the right tools. If not, you can call a door installation professional.

Likewise with windows – they should be built to last. However damage can occur, and eventually wear and tear. So how do you know if it is time to replace doors and windows? There are a few signs to watch for. Check the seals around your doors and windows. If they are broken, and simply fixing the seal isn’t enough, it may be the old window or door. Constantly feeling drafts in your home, and outrageous energy bills could also be a sign that it is time. Investing in new doors and windows isn’t cheap, but in the long run you will save money on your energy bill…and who doesn’t enjoy that?

Leave HVAC and Electrical to The Professionals

When it comes to home repair damage there are some things you may be able to do on your own, depending on your skill level. It feels good to take on a DIY project, and know we rolled up our sleeves and improved our home. However sometimes, it just isn’t safe to do so. Unless you are an HVAC specialist or an electrical contractor, please step aside and call whichever one you need.

Dealing with electricity is a big deal. It is ok to change a light bulb if you are comfortable with that, but please do not try to rewire your kitchen if you are not an electrician. The damage that could be done to your home, or worse, to you, is not worth the risk. If you are not sure of an electrician can trust, ask around your neighborhood.

Many of us are able to change our furnace filter, but that is about it as far as furnace repair goes. The entire HVAC system in your home is a tightly run ship. It is probably constantly running, which means how well it is maintained will have an effect on your energy bill. Having your HVAC system serviced and cleaned twice a year, in the spring and fall, can prevent future home damage repair, and expensive HVAC repairs. A well-maintained HVAC system will reflect in your energy bill.

Insure for Peace of Mind

Insurance was created for home damage repair. You pay into it monthly, so go ahead and use it when necessary. It is important to understand your home insurance policy so when damage does occur, you will know if it is covered, or if you will need to pay out of pocket. Usually, your insurance company can tell you quickly if you are recovered.

Basic homeowners insurance covers damage and loss caused by events out of your control, such as weather, fire, and flooding. If you decide to through a ball through your window, you are probably on your own there. Homeowners insurance is not actually required by law in all states, but most mortgage lenders will require it, and can legally withhold a loan from you until you are covered by insurance. The security of homeowners insurance is absolutely worth the cost. When your huge oak tree decides to take a dive into your roof, you will be thankful you are insured.

Take Care of your Investment

Not many of us will make a bigger monetary investment in our lives, then the investment of our home. From a first time home buyer, with that rush of excitement buying their first home, to the retired couple downsizing for a simpler lifestyle… taking care of our home through improvements and home damage repair is as necessary as paying our mortgage. A well taken care of home maintains its value so long as the market allows it. Sometimes just a little paint, and sometimes an entire new roof. Either way, your home is an investment in your future, and your family’s future. More importantly, your well-loved home can bring you joy, comfort, and a lifetime of memories. Home sweet home…there’s nothing like it.