Should You Get Your Furnace Repaired or Replaced?

Winter time is coming around and you’re wondering if your furnace can make it another year after being repaired. While a furnace repair can be the answer for many furnace issues, the last thing you want is to go for a repair at the moment and run into issues requiring a replacement during the winter. Here’s how you can determine which option is best for you now.

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Waiting to get an inefficient furnace serviced can be especially disadvantageous to any homeowner. In addition to being uncomfortable in your own home, an inefficient furnace will also lead to higher utility bills. The longer you wait to get your furnace serviced the higher the bills may get and the more costly the service will become.

Now when it comes to whether you should get it repaired or replaced, there are a few key considerations to keep in mind. Typical modern furnaces can last at least 15 years without being replaced as long as they’re properly maintained. If any of the internal components have failed completely, it may be better to go for a full replacement instead of a costly repair. See the video above to learn more.