What Happens When You Hire Septic Plumbing Services

Every property with a septic system will need to be pumped at some point. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends pumping every three to five years. In this video, the septic pumping services do just that — and explain the septic pumping process. First off, the septic lids have to be located.

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A homeowner can save some money by doing so themselves. Once found, the septic technician will remove the lid and stir the content of the septic. This is done to attain an even mix of water and solids, which ensures that not just water is sucked out.

During this time, septic pumping services will also inspect the tank for signs of damage. For example, hydrogen sulfide gases in the tank can deteriorate cement septic systems causing them to collapse. Once the septic system is drained, the septic technician will cover up the tank and do their best to return the yard to the state it was before they dug it up. Now that the job is done, the technician will write up what he found and also draw a sitemap showing the location of the septic lids. This data will be helpful for future calls.