The Must-Have Tools for Any Hardscaping Company

Are you looking to set up a hardscaping business? A couple of tools are essential to set up one properly. The YouTube video “Starting a hardscape business?.” details the necessary tools that every start-up hardscaping company should have.

Recording and measuring grade level is an essential part of the hardscaping business. Therefore, you must have a U-level, zip-level or self-leveling rotary laser.

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Basic tools such as come-alongs, shovels, and sledgehammers are also necessary for efficiently handling projects. A plate compactor is another important tool. Ensure you purchase a plate compactor with a minimum of 3300 centrifugal pounds of force. Avoid plate compactors with a lower rating since they have limited utility.

Other essential equipment includes a mini skid steer loader, plywoods for site protection, a track machine, and a concrete cut-off saw. Basic tools such as a string line, a speed square, a dead blow hammer, and screen boards also come in handy while executing hardscaping procedures on project sites.

Start-up hardscaping companies can also choose to have a wasp and hornet killer, glue guns, and a first aid kit. While these items might seem de trop, situations can arise where they come in handy and help you solve little issues that could come up on site.