Protecting Your Custom Length Power Cables

Are you one of those people who coils their power cables around their forearm to get them looped? Even the custom length power cables? That’s normal. However, there are a lot of problems with this method of cable management. The loops are hardly uniform, for one.

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You might find them more prone to tangles that way, too. That said, everyone wants their cables to be well-organized. Without proper cable management, you run the risk of tangling together a great big nest. There are better ways of storing your custom power cables and extension cords.

For instance, loop your custom extension cord into a chain with one end sticking out. The cord will maintain a ladder-like shape. This also makes it easier to use the cable for a shorter distance without any additional tangling. You might need to get the hang of handling the cable in that manner.

If that seems too difficult, then you might want to look into some Velcro cord wraps or a mounted cord reel. These options may be more expensive, but they will keep your cords secure and manageable. Whenever you buy a new cable, take the time to consider how you plan to protect it.