Job Insight SPF Roofing

This video provides the full guide of the spray Polyurethane foam installation process. The first day of the process is devoted to the roof survey. The roof is thoroughly checked by the roofing contractors. The next day is reserved for the mobilization of the crew.

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All the required equipment and material are transported to the roof.

The next step is the preparation of roof before the installation. The existing roof is prepared by eliminating all the dust, contaminations, and dirt. To tidy up the surface, mostly vacuuming, air pressure, or sweeping is used. The next step is to put down the first layer of polyurethane foam and encasing of roof equipment is done. The foam, mixture of two liquids i.e., resin/polyol and isocyanate, is then sprayed on the roof substrate. As soon as the liquid is sprayed, it transforms itself into foam which enlarges 20 times and becomes seamless, solid foam surface. The thickness of this layer ranges from 1 inch to 1.5 inches.

The SPF layer after its completion is coated with elastomeric silicone or granulated acrylic layer. This is done to protect the SRF and roof from weather, wear, and UV rays. If you want your roof to be durable and moisture resistant, contact the roofing contractors.