Foundation Water Proofing Contractors Install French Drains

Your home’s foundation is at least partially buried underground, and if you have a basement, it could be entirely buried. Since it is surrounded by earth, it has to contend with ground water constantly trying to push past its defenses. If you want to use your basement space as a living space, you need water proofing contractors to keep the water out.

In this video, water proofing contractors install french drains to complete a water proofing job.

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They already made sure the foundation was completely water proofed, with no holes left open to allow water to leak inside. But the water around the foundation still has to go somewhere, and that’s where the french drains come in.

To make sure water proofing membranes last as long as possible, drainage systems like french drains, channel water away from the foundation walls. Drainage systems are attached all over the exterior of the walls. These stick-on systems have filters built in to prevent sediment from clogging the drains.

Any groundwater that finds its way to the walls is channeled down to french drains at the base of the walls. The drains move the water away from the foundation, keeping it safe.