Know How To Install A Septic Field Today

Septic field installation is a challenge for many, but the handy instructions above simplify the process. A well-constructed septic field installation takes time and proper planning and here’s how it takes place.

Step 1:

The 1500 gallon tank is buried underground where it connects to the house, accumulating the waste.

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The dirty water passes through to the secondary tank while the solid waste remains in the primary tank.

Step 2:

The pump is immersed in the tank, and the filtration process occurs. The dirty water passes through holes in the filter before flowing through the stainless steel chamber. The best part of the septic field install is that the filter sends water to the treatment pod every 20 minutes.

Step 3:

The water passes down to the hanging sheets that convert ammonia into nitrogen. The remaining water flows back to the primary tank, where it converts to gas and mixes with the air. The pump is the main element that holds the water filtration process and needs to be sturdy. Keeping the above in mind will prove beneficial in septic field installation in any place.