What You Need to Know Before Hiring Air Duct Cleaners

• The first thing the duct cleaners do is ask the homeowner whether there are any hidden vents in the house and if so, they will remove them. The duct cleaners start with where the furnace or AC unit is located. They ensure that they cover the unit adequately before starting their work.

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The reason for covering the unit is to prevent dirt from getting into the unit.
• They use a vacuum cleaner to clean the area around the unit after covering it. In this step, the professionals use an industrial-sized brush to clean the ductwork. They also check the units’ filters to ensure they are not clogged.
• If the filters are clogged, they replace them. But if the filters are not clogged, then they clean them as well.
• After cleaning the filters, they return to the unit and clean its fan blades.
• Once they finish all these steps, they note what they have done and how much time it took to complete the job.
Air duct cleaning is important because it prevents dust particles and other contaminants from entering your home. It also helps you save money by reducing energy consumption.