What Goes Into an Inspection By a Chimney Contractor?

The chimney is one of the most essential parts of the house. A faulty chimney could have very serious effects on the users of a home. The consequences of a faulty chimney could be as fatal as death from carbon monoxide poisoning. It is therefore very important for homeowners to have regular checks on their chimneys. It is recommended that one should have their chimney checked annually.

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Different types of checks can be done on a chimney. The level one check is essential when no problem has been reported. This is a regular check to ensure that the chimney is in proper working conditions. It involves checking the visible parts of the chimney. The rationale of this check is to ensure that there are no blockages and to estimate the amounts of carbon residue in the chimney.

The level 2 check is essential when there are big changes in the house. Some of the changes include the intention to sell the house, change of fuel, after natural disasters such as earthquakes, and identification of faults. This check entails a detailed review of the chimney system to identify any flaws in the system.

When serious flaws are identified then a level three check is required. It may involve actions such as breaking of wall lining and demolitions of parts of the walls. When looking for a chimney contractor one must ensure that they are accredited by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA).