The Installation Process of Frameless Show Enclosures

Both frameless and framed shower doors are usually made from tempered glass that’s typically been treated for easier cleaning. The main difference between the two resides in the thickness of the glass. Framed shower doors come in thinner dimensions since they rely on a frame to support the glass. So, the frame itself comes in a variety of materials, namely aluminum. Then the installer will seal the glass into the frame to deter any leaks.

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Before you venture into installing your shower door, there are a few things to consider first. Your bathroom’s angles matter, so you need to measure those as well. Keep in mind that your shower should be designed within a combination of angles. When installing frameless glass doors, the last thing you want is empty nooks and gaps. So to completely avoid this issue, double-check that your wall is precisely vertical. If it’s not, then you will definitely need a filler strip to match it. If you want to get started with frameless shower enclosures, find some step by step prior instructions.