Time Lapse Of An Efficient House Painting Company At Work

House painting can be extensive labor and requires the expertise of a qualified team to bring satisfactory results. The house painting company got the 3500 dollar job through word of mouth from a friend that needed their house painted and the floor done. Before the client hired the company, they requested a job estimate and chose the company for their house-painting project.

Video Source

On a YouTube Channel, “Forever Self Employed, “I MADE $3500 in 1-week painting this house (Timelapse), “recaps a house project he worked on with his team.

From start to finish, the project took 5.5 days. The team used spray paint to paint the house. The team’s painting tools include a paper masking gun, a spray gun extension, an airless paint sprayer, and a tip housing, all available on Amazon.

The team also did the flooring for the house they were painting. Flooring is labor-intensive and requires you to have certain tools for the job. The project took two days to complete.

Masking the entire house takes most of the time in any housing project since, with the spray technique, you can paint more with less time.