Air Duct Installation

Does your home need your air ducts cleaned? You could hire one of many excellent home air duct cleaning services. On the other hand, maybe your air ducts are old and need to be replaced entirely. In this video, you will learn how to install air ducts.

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Each air duct come with two pieces of metal that must be assembled. Each of these pieces has a male and female connector. They simply snap together. Then, they must be hammered together and notched in the corners to allow the next segment of two pieces to be connected. The notch should then be bent backwards using a tool. On the other unbent side of the duct, an s-clip is installed. This allows the two segments to slide into place. After this, a drive cleat is installed to hold both pieces firmly together. It must be hammered into place and screws must be screwed into each corner. Then, use mastic tape along the seams to create an airtight seal. An elastomer mastic gel is used along the horizontal seams between the segments to create a rubberized seal. Lastly, insulation is wrapped around the vent and stapled into place.