Everything You Need to Know About Mini Split Hvac systems The Pros and Cons

Mini split hvac systems are units that allow you to control the temperature of individual rooms within your home. One benefit to these systems is that there is no duct work required, so they may be installed independently with minimal building modifications to the existing structure. This makes installation convenient without affecting the schedule of the contractors building your home.

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Mini split hvac systems also only use one electrical circuit, typically only around twenty or thirty amps. These systems also have no thermostats or low voltage wiring. Most conveniently, these systems allow for separate temperatures in each room of the home, to accommodate multiple spaces and guests accordingly.

Maintenance for mini splits can generally be more expensive, and the systems typically have shorter life spans than traditional systems. The quality does not seem to be as great as traditional air duct systems, but that does not mean you won’t get ten, or even twenty, years out of your unit.

Since mini split hvac systems are not available domestically in the United States, they are often more expensive than traditional heated ducts. They are also obviously visible in the rooms where they are set up, although